Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    The amount of cultural sensitivity curriculum of educational science and psychology    M.Sc.    sepandar, mohedese    2010-05-05
2    Comparison views to students and life teachers on religion life teachers existing and optimal characteristics (in comparing with those of mathematics teachers) in Sarakhs City    M.Sc.    mohajer golyan, abdollah    2010-07-06
3    Designing of Art Curriculum Model in Middle School    Ph.D    saberi, reza    2011-09-21
4    The method of teaching of monotheism in the Quran    Ph.D    shokrollahi, hassan    2012-02-27
5    Investigation of coverage rate of Curriculum Postgraduate Study Based on Curriculum Domain of Curriculum a Field of Study    M.Sc.    namkhah, marzieh    2012-03-12
6    تحلیل و ارزیابی عناصر چهارگانه برنامه درسی و رویکرد کلان حاکم بر سند برنامه درسی ملی جمهوری اسلامی ایران براساس نظر متخصصان    M.Sc.    abdolalizadeh fard, azadeh    2012-06-11
7    Determination of predicting effectiveness of in-service education programs for teachers regarding the elements of Andragogical Process Model    M.Sc.    rezai asl, seyedeh kolsom    2012-07-03
8    Explianing and measuring the Teachers and Practitioner \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Islamic Orientation of the Curriculum based revised Curriculum Orientations Inventory of Jenkins in Iran\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Curriculu    M.Sc.    amiri, elham    2012-12-05
9    conflict managemement in managing resource based of islam`s view    M.Sc.    sanadgol, morteza    2013-06-08
10    PAYAMHA    M.Sc.    ghobadi, kobra    2013-11-17
11    /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////    M.Sc.    jafarnia, fateme sadat    2014-03-10
12    شناسایی مؤلفه ها و موضوعات اساسی مورد نیاز در زمینه روابط خانواده براساس سبک زندگی اسلامی برای برنامه درسی دوره متوسطه    M.Sc.    izanlu, elham    2014-07-20
13    studythe status of compliance with the principles of elementary new science textbooks of axiology related to the nature of a national curriculum    M.Sc.    moosavi, tahereh    2014-07-20
14    Identify and prioritize key issues required for the student lifestyle due to the practical life of religious and Islamic scholars to develop the content of the curriculum of undergraduate    M.Sc.    afshar, mohammad hossein    2015-04-12
15    گفتمان سازی آموزه های انقلاب اسلامی در برنامه های درسی آموزش و پرورش جمهوری اسلامی ایران: چیستی، مدل ها و روش ها    Ph.D    Pakmehr, Hamideh    2015-06-07
16    Analysis and explanation of the curriculum implemented in the educational system of imam sadiq    M.Sc.    rohani saraji, seyyed davoud    2015-07-05
17    syllabus curriculum needs assessment Islamic Human Sciences courses: Areas for improvement theorizing based on religious Foundations    M.Sc.    hejazi, zahra    2015-10-25
18    The explanation of two elements the intention and content of elementary schedule training from 7 to 14, according to islamic sources    Ph.D    saidbakhsh, hamid    2016-03-08
19    Criticism of patterns religious science and review curriculum Islamic education field based on selected pattern    Ph.D    MohammadzadehGhasr, Aazam    2016-07-09
20    A content analysis of the concepts of sexual abstinence ( modesty, chastity , veil ) in primary school and junior high school textbooks    M.Sc.    fatehi, azam    2016-07-09
21    Identification of Professional Ethic indicators and Amount of Attention to it in ‎Entrepreneurial Textbooks, Work and Knowledge Branch    M.Sc.    dastgerd, masoud    2016-07-09
22    شناسایی و اولویت بندی موضوعات اساسی مربوط به استفاده از فضای مجازی: زمینه ای برای تأمل در برنامه درسی دوره متوسطه    M.Sc.    Ghadirian, Bita    2017-02-12
23    The evaluation of learning experiences in academic curriculum based on meaningful learning fields    M.Sc.    taabodi, neda    2017-05-07